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The Search for Role Clarity Ends with Strategic and Operating Model Clarity! (Part 1)

I come across a whole heap (yes, that’s a technical term!) of “role confusion” in my consulting and training work. And it’s an insidious issue. Lack of role clarity leads to errors, miscommunication, redundancy, noise and wasted effort. It creates frustration, confusion, and, for a provider such as an IT organization, it leads to a […]

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Do You Have IT Organizational Clarity – Part 2

My previous post introduced the topic of IT Organizational Clarity, discussed common symptoms arising from a lack of Organizational Clarity, and suggested two dimensions through which clarity can be assessed and improved:

Bounding scope by defining “IT Capabilities” at an appropriate level of granularity. (Units of analysis).
Defining meaningful and assessable characteristics for IT Capabilities. (Means of […]

IT Organizational Implications of Cloud Computing

First off, let me make myself clear.  I firmly believe that Cloud Computing, in its various forms, is real, absolutely inevitable and will completely revolutionize the form and role of the IT Organization.  Some readers will look at that sentence and laugh – it’s like saying “day will pass into night.”  Obvious, beyond dispute, devoid […]

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Exploring an IT Operating Model for Enterprise 2.0 – Part 3: Process Management

In Part 1 of this series, I suggested that the implications of Enterprise 2.0 for the IT organization are dramatic.  I also suggested that the ways of designing and executing an IT Operating Model in a Web 2.0 context are quite different from traditional approaches.  In Part 2, I outlined the major elements of an […]

Deming's 14 Points Revisited: Part 10

This post picks up on Parts 1 to 9 and examines the ninth of Deming’s 14 Management Points, which urges:
Break down barriers between departments. People in research, design, sales, and production must work as a team, to foresee problems of production and in use that may be encountered with the product or service.
I’ve posted before […]

The Hidden Secret Challenge of Healthcare IT

As a US taxpayer, Information Technology professional, and one who feels that healthcare spending is waaaay too high and increasing too rapidly, I have high hopes for the latest push on healthcare IT.  High hopes, but, frankly, tempered expectations!
Process Literacy and Automation
Marketplace business competition is a wonderful thing.  It forces operational excellence – to beat […]

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