A great post from my friend and valued colleague, Espen Andersen.  I love this for several reasons:

  1. I’ve always loved J.S. Bach‘s music – there is a mathematical and emotional beauty to his work that shows how structure and order can be emotionally rich and innovative. (Refuting nicely the belief by some that structure and order are inherently dry and lifeless!)
  2. It shows how creative use of video can be a great teaching aid – with this particular piece you can learn about the canon form and the Mobius Strip.
  3. It reinforces what a rich source of useful and inspirational material YouTube has become!

Going to YouTube to get the link pointed me to lots of other fascinating stuff about Bach, Palindromes, Mobius transformations, et al.  Check out this piece, for example, on my favorite Bach work – his Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.  The video animates the piece with a “piano roll” graphic (familiar to anyone who uses Midi editing software).  For those wanting to learn the music, understand its form and structure, or just have an interesting image to follow while listening to this splendid work, it’s another great example of all the wonderful stuff out there on YouTube and available for free!

Image courtesy of JSBach.net/bass ©2007 (unpronounceable) Productions

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