athinaAs an IT professional or IT leader, do you find yourself with questions or issues you’d like to get opinions about?  Of course you do.  As a consultant, researcher, educator and author, I get questions all the time.  For me they are my oxygen.  If the questions ever stopped, well, I frankly don’t know what I’d do!

At the risk of coming across as arrogant, after 15 months of blogging and 166 posts, I sometimes find myself opening up my blog and entering a search term in which I’m interested in the search box in the banner, and using my own blog to remind myself what I’ve written about, or that others have commented on regarding that topic.  Often, the search comes up with some useful information – sometimes with some helpful link or insight.

So, here’s a suggestion – next time you have a question, or a topic of interest related to IT organization, governance, value realization, architecture, ITIL, CMMI, or emerging leading practices, give my blog a chance.  See how it holds up as a repository of useful nuggets.  Let me know – if it works for you, or if it let’s you down.  Let me know how to make this blog a more useful resource for you.