One of the blogs I’ve been monitoring lately has the intriguing subtitle “Organizations Get the IT They Deserve” – a one-liner I’ve used from time to time (and something I truly believe!)  The latest post “Starting a High Tech Business: You Need a CTO” is, per its title, oriented towards high-tech start-ups.  However, it’s a good discussion of the CTO vs. CIO role – with the caveat that these terms are far from standardized, and I’ve seen many variations on this theme.

I point the post out here because:

  • It’s a good description of the CTO vs. CIO roles.
  • In many ways, all companies are going to become “high tech” in the next 10 years (the time-frame this blog focuses on).
  • For many of these companies, the switch from Enterprise 1.0 to Enterprise 2.0 (Next Generation Enterprise) will have many of the qualities of a start-up.